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Abhishek Industries has used innovative techniques to produce Bus Coach Interiors & Exteriors that are safe, meeting the highest international standards. Modern manufacturing and R&D Facilities, ensures high quality composite parts like Driver consoles, Flooring systems, Toilet modules and interiors for the mass transportation sector. we are the first, and remains the only Indian composite manufacturer in bus coach interiors.
Building on the extensive skill base in our Bus Coach Division, we are able to blend our knowledge of composites materials and their processing capabilities with our design expertise to produce modern, cost effective, energy saving, impact resisting solutions for transporting people safely and comfortably by road. Buses are able to integrate all the major benefits of composites in their designs, decreasing their weight, reducing fuel consumption, improving comfort levels and safety and providing maintenance free solutions.Abhishek's experience in the use and application of composites is bringing new and innovative ideas to the mass transportation market.


  • Lighter in weight, compared to metal parts leading to energy savings, monetary benefits, lower engine load, etc.
  • Maintenance free products with a longer life cycle, resulting in reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Fire retardant products, ensuring safety of passengers and property.
  • Non-corrosive & Non-Conductive by nature.
  • Economical as compared to the MS/SS/GI and other metals, considering the life cycle of FRP Advanced Composites.